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File a Florida DBA

A DBA must be filed in Florida when an individual has selected a business name different form the business owner’s personal name or a corporation, LLC, LLC, or partnership chooses to operate a business under a name different from the incorporated registered name.

Choosing a DBA Name

Florida statute decrees a fictitious DBA name cannot include the words, corporation, incorporated or their derivatives.

A DBA cannot contain any vulgar or obscene language.
A DBA should include a proper description of the business.

Filing Exceptions

A DBA does not have file their fictitious name if the business entity is an attorney licensed in the state of Florida.
A DBA does not have to file the fictitious name if the owner is licensed to practice by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or the Department of Health.
A DBA does not have register with the state of Florida if the owner’s full name is included in the DBA title. For example, John Doe’s Jewelry Shoppe would not have to register a DBA. However, John’s Jewelry Shoppe would have to register their DBA.

Requirements for Filing

In order to file a DBA in the state of Florida the following information is required:

Name and address of the business
Name and address of the business owner or owners
If the filing entity is a corporation the tax identification number is required
Notarization of the DBA form
Filing fee of $50.00
A DBA does not have to list its name in a local newspaper

Once the DBA has been filed, the state of Florida will mail out a letter acknowledging receipt of the DBA registration. The letter will include the name registered, registration number and the date the name was registered.
Proof of filing must be provided to the state to obtain an occupational business license. Proof of filing must also be provided to many banks in the state of Florida in order to open up a business bank account.

A DBA once filed in Florida is good for five years. The Division of Corporations will mail out a renewal application 90 days prior to the expiration of the DBA to the mailing address recorded with the DBA.

Failure to file a DBA is punishable in the state of Florida as a misdemeanor.

Contact the State of Florida

To contact the state of Florida with a DBA questions or problems write:

Department of State
Division of Corporations
Corporate Filings
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314 Department of State

Or call:

Electronic Filing/Internet Access Help Desk (850) 245-6939
Registrations/Renewals (850) 245-6058

Or email: corphelp@dos.state.fl.us

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