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File a Illinois DBA

According to the Illinois Assumed Name Act, all sole proprietorships and general partnerships must register their business name if it is different from the owner(s) legal name(s). In addition, corporations, LLCs, LLPs, and limited partnerships must also register and assumed name if different from the parent company name.

Information Required for a Sole Proprietorship or General Proprietorship to File a DBA:

The assumed business name must be revealed.
The complete name of the business owner(s) must be included in the filing.
The home address of all the owners must be included.
All the addresses the business operates out of must be added to the filing form.

When and LLC or Corporation is filing a DBA Form the following is required:

The actual name of the LLC
The state or country where the corporation or LLC is registered
A statement of intention to operate under an assumed name
The assumed name the LLC or Corporation will be using

For a limited partnership the following is required to register as a DBA:

The genuine name of the limited partnership
The state where the partnership was formed
A statement of intention to transact business in Illinois
The assumed name that will be used


The filing form must be notarized in the presence of the owner signing the form.
The filing must be published in a newspaper that circulates in the area the business will be operating. This notice must be published one a week for three weeks. The first notice must be published no more than 15 days after the DBA certificate is filed. The owner must provide proof of the notice to the Country Clerk within 50 days of filing the DBA form.
A DBA expires after five years and must be renewed within 60 days prior to the expiration date to prevent losing the assumed name.
Some banks require the DBA paperwork be presented at the bank office to open a business checking account or apply for a business loan.

Choosing An Assumed Name

A DBA name cannot contain the words: corporation, incorporated, inc., or corp regardless of the owner being a sole proprietor, corporation, LLC, or partnership.
A DBA name should not be vulgar, offensive or obscene.
A DBA name should be short and descriptive.

Contact Information for Illinois DBA Filings

Mailing address for Secretary of State:
PO Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0080

Phone number: 1-208-334-2301
Fax number: 1-208-334-2080
Web site:

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