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Louisiana – DBA

File A DBA in Louisiana

As per Louisiana law, only corporative houses, non-profit organizations, limited liability companies and partnership companies need to register DBA if they want to run their business with the assumed name. Sole proprietors are exempted from the registration process. The registration is done with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Rules for filing DBA in Louisiana

Find out from the Louisiana Business Fillings Database if the name was chosen is not already registered.  Already registered name cannot be used again for any entity.  However, there are other restrictions for selecting the assumed name.

  • The assumed name should be in English letters or characters.
  • The name selected may not reflect the nature of the business to be an administrative agency of any Parish, the State of Louisiana or of the United States.
  • Assumed names should not be deceptive or make people assume that it is a corporate entity. It cannot use “corporation”, “Inc.”  or any other initial whatsoever which is required by the law to be used for corporations or any other entity.
  • Written consent of the particular governing authority is required for including the name of any public facility, Public Park or a playground in an assumed name.

Filing A DBA Louisiana

After selecting the assumed name, download the application form from here, Louisiana Secretary of State.

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Before filing the form notified the people about the registration of the assumed name through the notice in the parish newspaper. The notice should run once a week for consequently three weeks.

Find out the details about the publishing and the costs from the Clerk of Court for your parish.

After filing the form File a notarized application for completing the registration to the Louisiana Secretary of State and with the Office of the Clerk of Court for the parish in the same place where the business has its principal office located. If the business is not based in Louisiana then registration with the clerk of Court of any parish is only required. In the form add the short description of the name/s, marks or device that you intend to use for the daily business purpose.  The requisite registration fee is $75.

The application can also be filed online at Geaubiz.com.

It is assured that the trade name, service mark or trade mark which is filed for registration will be assigned with the goodwill of the business concerned.

For the renewal of the DBA or for withdrawing or abandoning of the name, the form and all the relevant instructions and fees details can be had from Louisiana Secretary of State  or  Louisiana Secretary of State at (225) 925-4704 and ask for the requisite form. The registration of the name shall remain legalized for a period of ten years from the date of registration and should be renewed six months before the expiration date. The secretary of state can notify the businesses about the renewal one year prior to the expiration date through mails.

There is no relaxation of the tax rules with the registration of the assumed name.


Secretary of State.

  1. O. Box 94125, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125















Louisiana DBA

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