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Minnesota – DBA

File a Minnesota DBA

In Minnesota DBA (Doing Business As) is known as assumed name. It is a name used for business which is different than an actual name. If a chosen business name is the first and last name, it is not necessary to register DBA.  For example, if a name chosen is Dey Macvay, you do not have to register it, however registration is required if the name is chosen Dey Macvay Sweets.


Rules for filling DBA in Minnesota

Under the Minnesota law, the filing of DBA is needed for corporations, individual companies, limited partnership or limited liability companies. If a businessman fails to comply with the rules to file the DBA, he can be subjected to allegations of fraud.

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Before filing a DBA, find out if the name chosen is not registered by other business. No one can use the name which is already registered. You can find the list of all the registered names from the Office of the Secretary of State website.

Ensure that Minnesota does not allow the use of a DBA to mislead people on the location of the business. The law has also imposed strict prohibition on the use of a corporate designation like professional association, incorporated, Inc, limited, or a chartered with the exception that the designation correctly represents the nature of business for which the DBA is being filled.

How to Fill A DBA Form in Minnesota

The steps for filling DBA has been set forth in Minnesota Statute 333.01, and the forms for the same can be accessed from Minnesota Secretary of State’s website.

  • To fill a DBA file a certificate of Assumed Name in the Office of the Secretary of State. The complete filling process can be done through the Minnesota Business & Lien System in the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State
  • Fill Certificate of Assumed Name with the address of the business and the assumed name selected.
  • The form can be submitted along with the requisite fees at the Minnesota Secretary of State, either personally or through the mail.  When the “Certificate of Assumed Name” is filled, certificate is not issued. The approved form that you will get back certifies that the Assumed Name has already been filed with our office.
  • Get the assumed name published in a sanctioned legalized Newspaper in two of its consecutive issues in the same county where the business is established. You will get an affidavit of publication which need not be submitted but kept in files for any future reference.
  • It is imperative in Minnesota to get the DBA renewed annually, without any fees however if the time period for renewal lapses, reinstatement fees will be levied.

Office of the Revisor of Statutes can be approached to obtain more instructions on filing process.Tax rules will not be changed with the DBA.


Minnesota Secretary of State – Business Services,

Retirement Systems of Minnesota Building,

60 Empire Drive, Suite 100, St. Pau




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