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Montana – DBA

File a Montana DBA

When a person seeks to take on a unique name, unlike their own, for the use of a business, owned and operated by a domestic entity. This is known as a DBA, which stands for, “Doing Business As.” This DBA is what is filed in regards to changing a name to that of a fictitious name.

Why File a DBA

The purpose of filing for a DBA is to establish an entities business among those already established legally and professionally. It is for the purposes of transitioning the entities business from their own name to that of a unique name that would be labeled as fictitious. However, the name may appear different, but still is established as your own legally.

Advantages of a Montana DBA

Establishing the DBA for your desired business legitimizes the domestic entity with the banks, as well as customers and other companies. As a result, the business is seen as more professional and legally existent among those looking to contribute to the ever growing market that provides services, products, or information.

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Disadvantages of a Montana DBA

A disadvantage of receiving a DBA for a business belonging to a single entity or partnership is the lacking of any liability protection. This means you will be personally liable for any dept. In addition to the liability, you also not have exclusive rights to the name you designated as your DBA.

Choosing a DBA Name

When choosing the best DBA Name, it is wise to research the availability of the names that best suit your specific business.

Information Required for Filing a Montana DBA

Before you file for your DBA, you must provide some information to better allow the process to be completed correctly and accurately. Below lists the requirements when initially setting up or applying for a DBA

  • Desired name of choice designated as the new business name.
  • Type of business belonging to the domestic entity.
  • The date the name was first used.
  • Type of entity

Setting up a DBA in Montana

To start, it is wise to know the desired name must not match or resemble any name already registered with the Secretary of State. Always be sure your desired business name is unique and separates your own from that of other businesses. You are also prohibited to submit a name that does not resemble that of the type of entity.
Simply conduct a search to determine whether or not the business name in question, is in-fact in use or free to be used.

So, when you are ready to set up your DBA, be sure to collect the correct information to allow the process to be both fast, and accurate. When you have established your desired name, you can then use it to represent the business and it will in turn look professional among other businesses, and customers. You can be faced with some downsides, but establishing a fictitious name is not a negative, in-fact it allows for a more unique name separate from your own. The business becomes a stand along and able to be recognized among others seeking to appear professional among those previously established, and the customers that associate with them and yourself.

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