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Oklahoma – DBA

File a Oklahoma DBA

If a business owner desires to operate a business under another name other than the real name, by law he or she is required to file a DBA. Filing a DBA enables a business owner to register his or her second name with the state. After successfully registering the secondary name with the state of Oklahoma, the owner has full rights to the name, and he or she is at liberty to file a lawsuit should someone else use the exact name.

When do you need a DBA?

An enterprise is not obliged to file for a DBA in Oklahoma State. Nonetheless, filing a DBA will guarantee the proprietor full rights to utilize the secondary name within the state. This is vital in many ways, including dispelling any misunderstanding by customers and also regarding legal liability such as allegation of fraudulent practices, trademark violation, deceptions. With a DBA, all these liabilities are wiped out.

Also, opening bank accounts and indulging in legal transactions will be smooth if you successfully file a DBA. In fact, Oklahoma laws require that sole proprietorships be equipped with a Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name ( which manifest the owner of the entity) and can be obtained from the office of the county clerk.

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The procedure of filing a DBA in Oklahoma

Filing for a DBA in Oklahoma must start with a rigorous research of the assumed name you wish to file. The search should be conducted on the Oklahoma state name database to ascertain that the name exists. Put into perspective that particular names are not entertained, for instance, names already claimed, names which fraudulently or falsely represent the entity’s entire purpose or names that do not clearly represent the business structure, for instance, those that disguise themselves as corporations by including ‘Inc.”

In addition, names representing illegal activities cannot be approved, such as ‘Bob’s Illegal Drug Store.” Also, names that moonlight the business as a governmental organization or quasi-government are banished.

How are DBA Forms in Oklahoma obtained?

DBA forms can be downloaded online through Oklahoma state department site. Business owners wishing to open up bank accounts using a Fictitious Name certificate should head straight to the local county clerk offices. Businesses situated outside Oklahoma border will be required to use a separate special form.

Filing and registration of DBA in Oklahoma

A foreign business owner that needs a DBA in Oklahoma must present the original name of the business entity, the state or country where the entity was formed and registered and the Assumed Name to be filed.

Businesses originating within the borders of Oklahoma are required to present the projected trade name for the business entity, authentic address where the entity operates under the trade name, and a concise description of the exacts activities the business does. They’re also required to present the original legal name of the business entity, type of business entity, and jurisdiction of the location where the business entity was certified.

Note that successfully filing for DBA does not impact the way your business is taxed.


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