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Pennsylvania – DBA

File a Pennsylvania DBA

A sole proprietor or entrepreneur who wants to operate a business in Pennsylvania has to file a DBA. DBA or Do Business As’, allows a company to register and operate under different legal names. If anyone fails to register their company name under Pennsylvania law, then there are penalties associated with it. For instance, such business cannot enter or enforce contracts in the courts of Pennsylvania. Filing a fictitious or DBA name is mandatory for companies to conduct business activities, open bank accounts, make and receive payments and much more. However, there are exceptions for professional and non-profit activities. Individuals must know that there are no name reservations or name exclusivity when it comes to DBA in Pennsylvania. Anyone seeking to file a Pennsylvania DBA must consider;

Having handy information

Such information includes the complete name of the business, address, contact number, nature of the firm and a desired DBA or trade name. However, the information required may vary depending on the type of business an individual wants to pursue. Additionally, one has to check for any mistakes and misspells before filing and submitting them.

Doing a name availability check

A DBA name must be easy to distinguish from other available names. It helps to avoid any conflicts with other registered names. All name searches can be done be visiting Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporations Record Search. Additionally, an applicant must be aware of restricted words and names that require pre-approval in the case of corporate designation. Name check is paramount in eliminating trademark conflicts.

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Submitting their DBA name

After filing the required documents, an individual can submit their name to Pennsylvania Department of State. The most common method of submission is by mail. Filing duplicate copies has been banned in certain states. Pennsylvania also imposes individuals to publish their fictitious names by submitting them to approved legal newspapers and journals. However, one should stay away from spending minute costs when publishing their names. It is also advisable to publish after filing has been approved. In most cases, the publication can be done within the first 30-40 days.

Maintaining their DBA name

In Pennsylvania, DBA names do not need annual renewal. Again, trade names do not alter how a company pays tax. While renewal is not necessary, DBA information must be kept up-to-date. One may apply for cancellation in case the name is needed no more. Cancellation and amendments can be applied to the Pennsylvania Department of State.


Filing a DBA in Pennsylvania is a simple procedure that requires little paperwork. Besides, it is an inexpensive process. Those who want to file a Pennsylvania DBA can consider the above steps.







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