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Wisconsin – DBA

Filing a Wisconsin DBA

DBA or ‘Do Business as’ also known as fictitious, assumed or trade name refers to a name that an individual, business or organization uses to conduct business other than their known name. In Wisconsin, an individual can come up with more than one DBA names while not creating separate organizations or entities. A DBA benefits sole proprietors the most and should be emphasized by entrepreneurs. There are procedures that one can follow when applying for a DBA in Wisconsin. However, it depends on with the kind of company one owns. To File Wisconsin DBA one has to;

Search to see if the needed name is available

One can check the names by visiting the Wisconsin corporate records database. Again, applicants should not select names that include the coat of arms, flag, foreign nation, municipality or any insignia of the USA. Additionally, the name must be unique and easy to distinguish from other corporations’ DBA names. The names should also be unique from the names of other businesses in the state of Wisconsin.

Complete paperwork

When filing a DBA, one needs to provide the original name of their business entity together with the proposed DBA. Other relevant details include the general purpose of the business and the location of the business entity. Individuals filing for general partnerships or sole proprietorship need to register by filing a Registration of Firm Names through the County’s Register of Deeds. All applications should be notarized before filing. Filing fee varies based on the county an applicant is coming from.

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Those applying for LLC or Corporation DBA can file a Trade Name Application through the Wisconsin State Department of Financial Institutions. One does not need to notarize when applying for an LLC DBA. In Wisconsin, filing for LLC DBA remains valid for up to ten years.

Know the rules

A Wisconsin DBA cannot be obtained for an illegal act. Besides, one cannot use the name to make false claims. The name is registered under the owners’ names. Therefore, one must consider seeking help if in doubt. Applicants should also understand that obtaining a DBA name does not alter how a corporation or business has been paying taxes. The name only permits one to open bank accounts for their business, write a contract and accept payments among other legal activities.

Publish their name

Publication of a DBA statement can be done through local magazine or newspaper. A proof of publication can be obtained from a government office. In Wisconsin, the publication is done 30-40 days after the first business transaction.


A DBA, fictitious or assumed name opens several gateways for business in Wisconsin. Therefore, any individual seeking to do business legally need to make it a priority. The application is easy and takes a very short time.






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