4 Key steps on How to Add a DBA to an LLC

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4 Key steps on How to Add a DBA to an LLC

If you are operating a limited liability company (LLC), you need to expand your business horizons. With an LLC, it is hard for the business community to do business with you freely. LLC are highly considered as private entities with no independence from the owner. You need to do something that can make your business more appealing to them. This is where adding of “Doing Business As” (DBA) or what is commonly referred to as the “fictitious Business Name” is deemed necessary. The DBA enables you to separate business and personal finances. It also allows an LLC to use a name other than its legal name.

Adding a DBA to an LLC is not a daunting task. You only need to file a DBA registration. The state that you are operating from will also be a factor to consider. It is equally important to note that some states such as Kansas and New Mexico do not require business entities to register DBA. Though different states have different ways of dealing with DBA registration, the steps are almost the same. Here are the 4 main steps on how to add a DBA to an LLC.

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Step 1: Select names of your choice

The most crucial step in adding DBA to an LLC is selecting the fictitious business name. You must be very thoughtful while doing this. You need a name that will arouse excitement and curiosity in the market. If you choose a name just for the sake of it, you will fail to reap some of the marketing benefits. The name must help in pushing your brand to great heights in the market. This will give you an edge in the market especially when it comes to the marketing strategies. Make sure that the chosen name is reflecting the kind of the business that you do. There is a possibility that another business might have been registered under the same name. Therefore, it is important to have a couple of extra alternate names.

Step 2: Search for the name

Name search is critical in avoidance of sharing a name with another business. A search will scan all registered companies to avoid double registration. You will need to submit the names (at least three) to the secretary of state office. This may be done online at their office depending on the state that you are registering in. The fictitious business name will be subjected to search to ascertain their uniqueness. If no company is registered with this name, you will be given a go ahead. In case the name has already registered with another company, you can select from the extra two.


Step 3: Fill out the DBA form

Once you have the name right, proceed with filling out the registration form. The form may be found in the secretary of state clerk’s’ office or on their website. In most cases, you will find both the hard copies the secretary of state offices or soft copies on the website. Under this form, you will be needed to provide the legal name of your LLC. You will also be required to indicate that it is an LLC. Other personal information such as address, your full names as well as offices of your LLC will be needed. Also, note that these forms will vary from states depending on the requirements required. This is an example of this form.


Step 4: File your registration

Filing your registration should be the last step on how to add DBA to an LLC. After filling the DBA form and satisfying all the requirements, you need to file your registration with the appropriate state agency. Depending on the state that you are operating in, you may do this online or submit the copies in person. Once you have filed your registration, it will only take a matter of days to add DBA to an LLC. The fees charged will vary from state to state.


Adding a DBA to an LLC is a very simple process. The only difficult part is getting the name right for the business. With an LLC, you can create as many fictitious business names as you wish. This will enable you to operate multiple businesses under one company. You will manage to keep your personal and business expenses separate particularly during tax season. The process will open doors for your business, and the income levels will rise significantly. You can sample how it is done in the State of Florida.



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