Filing a DBA Versus Forming a Corporation or LLC

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A DBA permits a business owner to conduct business under a specific name. This is the standard type of filing for a sole proprietorship or a general partnership. A Corporation or LLC file a DBA when the company wants to conduct business under a different name than the Corporation or LLC. Forming a Corporation or […]

How-To Obtain A Business License Or Permit

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When a new business is started a business license is required to conduct daily operations. The license may be required at the local level or at the state level. The type of license required depends on the regulations of the local and state government. Regardless, the first order of business is to register the name […]

How a DBA Gives Name Protection

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A DBA, “doing business as” is a means by which you let the county know what your business name is and who owns the business. A DBA registration is required when the business name is not the same as the individual owner’s personal name. Name Protection Filing a business name as a DBA with the […]

Why Form a DBA?

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A business is required to file a DBA when the name of the business is not the owner’s name. For example if you call yourself Bob Smith Landscaping you do not need to file a DBA . If you decide to call your company Branches and Bushes Landscaping then you must file a DBA with […]

How to Fill out DBA Forms

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The new business owner will typically choose a name for the busy that clearly states what the business does and is memorable to its customers. Once the name is chosen it must be filed as a DBA with the local government. The trick is to fill out the DBA forms correctly the first time Specify […]

How to Open a Bank Account with a DBA

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One of the most important objectives that should be accomplished when a DBA or any business is established is separation of business and personal funds. The new business owner should get a business credit card as well as a separate business bank account. To open a business bank account for a DBA there are a […]

General DBA Information

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Whether you’re a corporation, LLC or sole proprietor, there may be advantages to filing a “Doing Business As” or “DBA” for your business. What is a DBA? DBA stands for “doing business as” and is an official and public registration of a business name. DBAs are also known as Fictitious Names, Fictitious Business Names, Assumed […]

Why You Need a DBA – It’s the Law!

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1. It is the law! By law, you have to inform the public that you are Doing Business As any name other than your own personal name. California law states that all Fictitious Business Name Statements (aka FBN/DBAs) must be published for four (4) consecutive weeks in an adjudicated newspaper after filing with the County […]

Do I need a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) for a DBA?

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Legally, you are required to identify your business with one of two numbers: either your Social Security Number or an EIN (Employer Identification Number, a.k.a. Federal Tax ID Number). If you are a sole proprietor, your Social Security Number can be used on all of your government forms and other official documents, but most small […]

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