Selecting a Business Name |

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From Whether it’s a clever moniker, a personal tribute, or simply picked out of hat, your business’ name will frame its identity. The significance of choosing a name can sometimes be a tricky undertaking. You may find it helpful to keep alternatives in mind during your selection process. If you’re having some trouble selecting […]

How to Become a Sole Proprietor |

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Sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business entity. It means that you just hang your shingle and go out building your business with little practical effect on what you do. Cash checks, open a bank account, create signage and letterhead etc. Also, as long as you’re the only (“sole” – get it?) owner of […]

How to Register a Business Name |

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There is no perfect formula for picking a great business name. The best name depends on a number of factors and things to take into consideration. Some things to consider are: what kind of business you do, others can simply be your lineage (family name) or unique as your own tastes / style. There are, […]

Starting a Business | Get a Business Name

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Cannot play this video? When starting any new business, the owner needs to go to the county offices and file for a fictitious business name – or you can go to LegalZoom and file a DBA in less than 10 minutes! Get tips for choosing a business name with advice from a college business instructor […]

File a DBA – Video Tutorial

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We created a short 3 min Video showing people how to use to file a DBA in 3 easy steps. Check out the video, and file your DBA or FBN online today! If you are doing business under any name other than your given name, or your actual corporate name, you will need to […]

How to File a DBA |

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Filing a DBA, or Doing Business As, requires going to a local county court office and completing any necessary paperwork. Discover more about filing a DBA, that sometimes require the publication of a fictitious name statement in a local newspaper, with ideas from a lawyer in this free video.